Tess Summers

Reagan Jones
Things you shouldn’t do when you’re kidnapped by the CIA:
-Flirt with your abductor
-Press your body against his when he ties you up
-Treat dinner with him like it’s a date
-Get dragged along on a mission
-Fall in love with the man who kidnapped you
Even if he lets you go in the end like he promised, how do you go back to your life as usual? But what if you have no choice?

Mason Hughes
Things you shouldn’t do when you’re a CIA agent:
-Kidnap a former colleague’s sister and hold her hostage on a ship in the middle of the ocean
-Tie her up, then sleep with her
-Spend every waking hour getting to know her
-Take her on a rescue mission with you
-Fall in love with her
The agency tends to frown on that sort of behavior. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

What happens when the mission is over? At the end of the day, you’re still a spy, and she’s still a feisty art instructor in Fargo. Not exactly the perfect match.

And yet, it is.

How can two people be together when the world says they can’t be?


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