Tess is currently writing the third and fourth stand-alone books in the San Diego Social Scene series, as well as developing a sexy historical cowboy series. We can't wait to meet her new characters and see what happens next!

     “With her index finger, she began to lightly trace the outline of the tattoo on his arm.

"What does semper fidelis mean?”
“Always faithful,” he said in a low voice as he moved his gaze from her finger caressing his arm to her face.
“Do you think that describes you or the Marine Corps in general?”
He brushed her hair away from her face. “Both.”
Her finger stopped tracing the tattoo and her eyes narrowed. “And you’ve always been faithful?”

Looking her in the eye, he flatly stated, “Always."

-Excerpt from the erotica novel The General's Desire

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Tess Summers